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What is It?

What Is It? is a children’s filler series. The series is targeted to children between the ages of 3 — 7 years old. The series will present various ayat from the Qur’an that deal with the natural world and Allah’s SWT constant reminder that we must look at awe to His creation.

Each filler begins with a visual riddle the children must solve. They will see a picture from one of the natural phenomena described in an ayat. For example, a honeybee: the image of the bee however will start in an extreme close up so that the viewing children will see only the colors and patterns from the bee’s body. The audio accompanying the picture will be a jingle sung by a group of young children singing “What is it? Can you tell me what it is? What is it ?, etc

As the nasheed progresses the full image comes into view and the singing kids yell out the name of the object. Then a single voice of a child reads: “Did you know Allah SWT mentions the bee in the Qur’an”.

The ayat is then recited by a well know qari. Visually we see various images of the bee as the ayat is being recited in Arabic and translated into English. The single voice of the child then reads the ayat in English


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