Hurray for Baba Ali Season 2 Anger Management

Produced by Milo Productions Inc. www.hurrayforbabaali.com Hurray for Baba Ali is a series intended to teach pre-school children basic manners. Well known comedian Baba Ali is back but this time for young kids. Enjoy! Please visit www.miloproductionsinc.com for more info. Copyright 2009 Milo Productions Inc. source

Sustainable Earth Show opening

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exK16nPJ0A0 The Sustainable Earth Show teaches the importance of being caretakers of the world around us. The program has a cast of ten Canadian Muslim children and teenage host Hamza. Each episode features Hamza and four of the children as they visit different locations learning about the natural world while, addressing some of the ecological […]

What is It?

What Is It? is a children’s filler series. The series is targeted to children between the ages of 3 — 7 years old. The series will present various ayat from the Qur’an that deal with the natural world and Allah’s SWT constant reminder that we must look at awe to His creation. Each filler begins […]

Muslim Kids TV

MuslimKids.TV will be launching in December 2013! InshaAllah it will be the most entertaining website ever for our children with over 170 TV episodes, games, and activities to learn Islam. You will love www.MuslimKids.TV! Help us make this dream possible and join our fundraising campaign: http://www.ummaland.com/fundraising/34/muslim-kids-tv-website-launch/ source