Ask Aariz 2011

ASK AARIZ is a children’s fatwah show where children are given the opportunity to ask questions to an Islamic scholar. The children’s questions could be of a religious nature or questions they may have about their daily life where they are seeking Islamic guidance. source

Muslim Kids TV

MuslimKids.TV will be launching in December 2013! InshaAllah it will be the most entertaining website ever for our children with over 170 TV episodes, games, and activities to learn Islam. You will love www.MuslimKids.TV! Help us make this dream possible and join our fundraising campaign: http://www.ummaland.com/fundraising/34/muslim-kids-tv-website-launch/ source

Muslim Kids TV 2015

Watch what’s coming up on Muslim Kids educational website in 2015. With the support of Shk Navaid Aziz we are asking the community to support some of the new videos for Muslim Kids TV. Our children need quality educational and entertainment products that build their Islamic character. Support our crowd-funding campaign TODAY! www.GoFundMe.com/MuslimKidsTV source